Hefeweizen 5.4% ABV

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Weihenstephaner can almost do no wrong in my book, and this beer has been one of my go-to hefeweizens over the years.


Cracking the top on this one immediately reveals a really pleasant sweet banana and honey aroma, mixed with a really light and smooth clove scent that is common amongst hefeweizens. There is also a subtle bubblegum undertone to it, in my opinion.


Taking a swig of this beer, you’ll initially taste a fruity yeast flavor, if you’re anything like me. It’s got quite a zing of carbonation. After that, it tends to turn a bit tart, but then smooths out with the biscuity banana and clove taste you’d expect from a Hefeweizen.


I really don’t think you can make a better Hefeweizen than this. It’s such a well balanced beer that offers a variety of sensations to the tongue. The flavor is not too yeasty or clove-like, as I feel is the case with many in this style. Every time you get a flavor, it seems to dissipate and hit you with something different. Just a really fantastic smooth adventure of a beer overall.

Brief Sheet

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

  • StyleHefeweizen
  • ABV5.4% ABV
  • BrewerBayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan

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