American Double / Imperial IPA 8.4% ABV

Tallgrass Flyin’ Hawaiian Pineapple Double IPA

The Tallgrass Explorer Series brews have always been excellent, in my opinion, so when I saw this interesting new one sitting on the shelf, it was pretty much an instant-buy.


Cracking open this colorful can reveals a moderate, clean hops aroma, with an earthy, malty backing. There might be a bit of a floral or pine scent in there as well. I really don’t pick up on any pineapple aroma.


The taste is pretty much on par with the scent…and surprisingly, the pineapple is nearly nonexistent (I am able to taste a very slight hint of it, but I was hoping the pineapple flavor would jump out at me like the character diving out of the waterfall on the can). Overall, this beer almost doesn’t even taste like what you would expect out of a typical double IPA.


All that being said, I actually really enjoy this beer. Its flavor is really balanced, even if it leaves a little bit to be desired. At 8.4% ABV, it is really smooth and easy drinking, while not being overly sweet or heavy. It’s not very often that a beer seems completely different than it’s description, yet I still really enjoy it.

Brief Sheet

Tallgrass Flyin’ Hawaiian Pineapple Double IPA

  • StyleAmerican Double / Imperial IPA
  • ABV8.4% ABV
  • BrewerTallgrass Brewing Company

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