American IPA 6.6% ABV

Surly Furious

I first learned of Surly on a weekend trip to the Minneapolis area. I was looking for something local, and was pointed toward Surly by a nice gentleman in the liquor store. The 4-packs of bright, colorful (almost neon) pint cans were definitely different and I was sold.


Cracking this beer reveals a very sweet caramel and toffee aroma, coupled with some strong hop scent. Not much else to it, as far as I can tell…maybe a tiny bit of citrus or pine.


The taste is pretty much on par with the scent, but wow do the hops overpower everything else. It’s absolutely what you’d expect from an American/West Coast style IPA, though. The sweet caramelly maltiness is there, but masked by the bitterness of the hops.


I really like this beer. Furious is quite a fitting name for it, as the bitterness and hop flavors really punch through all else, hitting your taste buds with a slight alcohol burn afterwards. It’s a great IPA, in my opinion, especially if you’re looking for something bold, sweet, and strong. The only thing I might change is the alcohol burn — it’s not too bad, but it would be nice if it was a bit smoother.e. Very smooth, very mellow, and easy drinking. It doesn’t quite have the refined taste of Weihenstephaner’s Hefe Weissbier, but it still holds its ground.

Brief Sheet

Surly Furious

  • StyleAmerican IPA
  • ABV6.6% ABV
  • BrewerSurly Brewing Company

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