American Double/Imperial IPA 9% ABV

New Glarus Scream IIPA

I try to pick up at least one four-pack of all of the New Glarus “Thumbprint” series beers. They’re usually something pretty different and/or special, and living in Wisconsin, I feel there is no reason not to take advantage of these superb offerings.


After cracking this one open, I immediately get a bready cereal-like aroma, mixed with a strong hops scent — a pine hops scent dominates it for me. It smells pretty sweet, but maybe not as sweet as some IPAs I’ve had.


The taste of Scream IIPA is pretty much like the aroma. It’s very bready, but with a very strong hop taste, though I feel the hop taste tilts more citrusy than piney. There is a medium intensity alcohol flavor and burn aftertaste, but it dissipates quickly.


Wow, what a top notch IIPA, if not the best I’ve ever had. This beer is juicy tasting and bursting with flavor, while being extremely well balanced. Every aspect of this one seems to be countered by a balancing force. Clocking in at 9% ABV, New Glarus has done a phenomenal job at keeping the alcohol flavor and afterburn in check. Excellent brew, highly recommended!

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New Glarus Scream IIPA

  • StyleAmerican Double/Imperial IPA
  • ABV9% ABV
  • BrewerNew Glarus Brewing Company

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